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Lessons Learned: When A Side-Project Is (Mostly) Deprecated

So, time for yet another blog post starting with an obligatory statement consisting of how it’s been a long time, I should get back into the habit of blogging again, etc, etc.

Geocoding and A Rate Limited Queue

For a recent project at work, I had to geocode lots of addresses. Thankfully, geopy makes this relatively painless: just grab a class representing the geocoding API that you want and go to town.

Keeping Track Of Cosmetic Configuration Changes

One of the minor regrets that I’ve had over the years is not keeping adequate track of configuration changes–even cosmetic changes.

Hello, World! (...again)

So, here we go again…for reasons I don’t fully understand, my old site broke. I think part of it was due to upgrades in Express and Poet. However, I had grown disillusioned enough with Node.js that I just…well, I gave up.